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    Data analytics and business applications for efficient business operations and decision making.
    Solution Analytics Inc. offers Big Data Analytics and Business Application for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and industries where data analytics is critical for business successes.
    If your company generates large amounts of data during daily operation, we can help to get your data working for your business operation and decision making.  Solution Analytics (SA) Data Analytics turns massive data into clear business insights, and SA Business Applications help you to operate business more efficiently and strategically. 

    We work on data in various formats and sizes (usually 10K – 100M rows). We process and summarize data, and conduct predictive analyses through our computational programs. SA Predictive Analytics is to discover cause and affect relationships, detect anomalies, predict future events, and optimize ROI. SA business applications are integrated with SA Data Analytics to enhance capabilities of exploration, prediction, and recommendation aligning with your business natures and goals. As a result, SA Data Analytics and Applications will enhance abilities to improve productions and sales, and to avoid unnecessary costs.
    We deploy our data computation processes and applications on Microsoft Azure clouds or our on-premise servers so you can login to view your business reports and use your tools online on desktops and mobile devices. We customize the analyses and applications based on your business natures and goals. Our data analytics and business applications are scalable with your business grows.
    Please contact us for potential projects. Free initial consultation and free trial. Our affordable price structure and latest technologies will always be there for your business needs.

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