• Leadership Pleasanton

    Leadership Pleasanton is a program to develop community leaders, co-sponsored by the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce and the City of Pleasanton  

    The Purpose

    One measure of a dynamic, progressive community is the caliber of leaders and their voluntary contributions to that community. Leadership Pleasanton identifies emerging community leaders and offers them broad exposure to issues considered vital to our community. Leadership Pleasanton is an educational forum in which participants look into the myriad of private businesses, public agencies, nonprofits and elected officials who make up the economic and political environment of the City of Pleasanton. Through these contacts, interactive exercises and field trips, participants expand their leadership skills, knowledge and influence on our community.

    The Program

    Leadership Pleasanton is comprised of individuals from all sectors of our community. The participants meet monthly from September through May, usually on the first Wednesday of each month. The classes are all day and are presented through experiences that inform, educate and challenge. Sessions are designed to be interactive and participants are expected to share their experiences and viewpoints.

    Topics include: Leadership Pleasanton 

    • Orientation / Team Building
    • Pleasanton History
    • Local Government
    • Health and Human Services
    • Business and Economics
    • Public Safety
    • Volunteer Leadership Essentials
    • Education
    • Infrastructure and Transportation
    • Cultural Arts and Recreation 

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    Leadership Application


    Participation in Leadership Pleasanton

    Each year approximately 25-30 individuals from local businesses, professional, government, social and service organizations are selected to participate in the program. You are encouraged to apply for acceptance into Leadership Pleasanton if:

    • You have a strong interest and commitment to the community;
    • You anticipate an active role in business and community activities;
    • You have a strong desire to become part of a network of personal and professional contacts active in community affairs;
    • You have a commitment to your personal leadership development;
    • You currently hold positions of leadership at work or in volunteer organizations;
    • You will make a commitment to attend all sessions of the program;
    • You have the full endorsement and support of your sponsoring organization or employer.


    How to Apply

    Applications, tuition information and other details can be obtained by contacting the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce at (925) 846-5858 ext. 203 or e-mail kate@pleasanton.org


    Printable PDF brochure
    Jenny Doehle Leadership Pleasanton Award Nomination Form